Chanda VanderHart - Pianist

2 days ago
Vocal wonder: Elīna Garanča's Mahler with the Vienna Phil

Final review of the season! Always a pleasure to hear Elīna Garanča...

...the perpetuum mobile character building to a raucously joyous finale that elicited genuine, generous applause.

1 week ago

Season 5 ended with a bang and a whistle! literally, there were toy instruments :-) Check out Stravinsky Reloaded here courtesy of Igor Ripak and styling by Rebecca Greenstein - it was a magical ... See more

A huge thank you for everyone who participated, attended and contributed to making Stravinsky Reloaded such a success! A shout out to Rebecca Greenstein for the avian-inspired styling, and to Igor ... See more

2 weeks ago

TUESDAY! #cantwait

Only a few more sleeps until Mosaique`s pre-break hurrah, Stravinsky Reloaded this coming Tuesday! Helping us celebrate through instrumental and chamber music will be our dear friend, clarinetist ... See more

2 weeks ago
The Freestyle Orchestra

Come on, we dare you :-) #musicinmotion #ravelismorethanaculturalinstitution #classicalandcurrent

A wise woman called Grace Murray Hopper once said the most dangerous phrase in language is, "We've always done it this way." Yo Twoset Violin what would you say to this? ;) Thanks #queenbae Patricia ... See more

3 weeks ago
The Freestyle Orchestra

This evening, Museumsquartier, it's going to be fun! Because if you're going to work on your birthday, it should definitely be like this :-)

Outstanding weather in Vienna for our general rehearsal. 🤗😍 Please stay the same tomorrow for our open air show at MQ – MuseumsQuartier Wien for the International Storytelling Festival ... See more

4 weeks ago

Getting jazzed for the show tonight with Sonja Schebeck - Violinist / Fire Performer and @thefreestyleorchestra!

1 month ago
Capriccio: Strauss’ swansong at the Staatsoper

Not my favorite production this season, though
Daniela Fally was brilliant!

Vienna State Opera offered a solid production in which precious little gleamed.

1 month ago
From Beethoven to Shostakovich at the Musikverein

What a fabulous pianist! Loved this last week at the Konzerthaus:

If Beethoven referred to his own compositional approach as “redend” (speaking), then Levit speaks him clearly, beautifully and fluently.

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