I Hate Music… but I like to Sing!

I Hate Music… but I like to Sing!

A Recital of Love Songs by soprano Russalina Mochukova and Chanda VanderHart

Yes, the rela­tion­ship between musi­cians and the world of music is a com­pli­cat­ed one.  What began as a sim­ple pas­sion soon devel­ops into long hours of prac­tice, audi­tion stress, con­stant crit­i­cism and long hours of trav­el, all for the love of the con­cert per­for­mance and the applause of the audi­ence.

Despite these frus­tra­tions, and maybe even because of them, we singers and pianists keep on mak­ing music togeth­er.  Are we crazy?  Obsessed?  Or is it just because music itself is so bril­liant­ly beau­ti­ful that we can­not help our­selves?

What­ev­er the rea­son, this ill­ness is some­how uni­ver­sal.  “I hate music” cel­e­brates this tumul­tuous rela­tion­ship with music; this com­pli­cat­ed, frus­trat­ing and often irri­tat­ing pas­sion that keeps all true musi­cians con­stant­ly striv­ing for per­fec­tion. In five lan­guages, Russ­ian, French, Eng­lish, Ital­ian and Span­ish, some of the most expres­sive, humor­ous and beau­ti­ful art songs about love in all its diver­si­ty are explored, cel­e­brat­ed, and ded­i­cat­ed to who­ev­er will lis­ten.  Through “I Hate Music” we remind our­selves, as well as our audi­ence, what fun it can be to do what we, musi­cians, love to do.


Down­load the com­plete pro­gram, includ­ing songs lyrics with trans­la­tions here:

I Hate Music pro­gram