Hear my Song

Hear my Song

„Hear my Song“ am 24. und 25. März 2012, um 20 Uhr, im Festsaal der Pratergalerien, Riesenradplatz 4, 1020 Wien

Besides strictly classical projects, Chanda has a great deal of experience working with musical theatre students and professionals.

One of her latest projects involved preparing, coaching, and then performing (with a jazz ensemble – drums, bass, and electric violin) a show featuring the works of Jason Robert Brown in Vienna’s “Pratergallerie” in March, 2012.

Additionally, Chanda continues to regularly coach vocal students and ensembles through two musical schools in Vienna: the Performing Center Austria, and the Broadway Connection.

Leading Team
Regie und Buch: Jürgen Kapaun
Musikalische Leitung & Arrangements: Marie Landreth
Choroegraphie: Sabine Arthold
Dance Captain: Franziska Fröhlich, Claudia Artner

Klavier: Chanda Vander Hart
Schlagzeug: Franz Hofferer
Bass: Gabor Farkas
Violine: Michael Guttierez

Claudia Artner, Franziska Fröhlich, Aline Herger, Judith Jandl, Peter Knauder, Angelika Ratej, Jakob Semotan, Jasmin Shah Ali, Anetta Szabo, Gloria Veit

Verwendete Songs
– On the deck of a Spanish Ship („Songs For A New World“)
– The New world („Songs For A New World“)
– Just One Step („Songs For A New World“)
– What it means to be a friend („13“)
– Do it alone („Parade“)
– And I will follow you („Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes“)
– Grow old with me („Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes“)
– The River Won’t Flow („Songs For A New World“)
– Brand New You („13“)
– Pretty Music („Parade“)
– King of the World („Songs For A New World“)
– Dreaming wide awake („Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes“)
– Mr. Hopalong Heartbreak („Urban Cowboy“)
– You don’t know the man („Parade“)
– Flying home („Songs For A New World“)
– Hear My Song („Songs For A New World“)