Chan­da has been involved in projects of very diverse hori­zons.

She is cur­rent­ly work­ing on her PhD focus­ing on the less­er known Lied com­posers in Vien­na in the sec­ond half of the nine­teenth cen­tu­ry.

Tale­spin — Musi­cal Tales for Big and Small is a mul­ti­me­dia project for audi­ences of all ages.

Talespin - Kick off at the Leopold MuseumTalespin performs at Ottakring FestivalTalespin performance in Vienna Off TheaterTalespin at the Vienna International SchoolTalespin at the Vienna International School

Ger­man sound sam­ple of Bukol­la, a tale from Ice­land

Ger­man sound sam­ple of Why the Par­rot Repeats Human Word?

All sound sam­ples in Eng­lish and Ger­man avail­able on


Bel Canto Bella Voce masterclassBel Can­to Bel­la Voce Mas­ter­class — a col­lab­o­ra­tion with Bel Can­to expert Rus­sali­na Mochuko­va is a 5-day mas­ter­class held in Vien­na sev­er­al times a year.



Johannes Brahms CDJohannes Brahms Sonatas CD —  A very first record­ing on Brahms his­tor­i­cal instru­ment kept at the Brahms Muse­um in Mürz­zuschlag, Styr­ia — with cel­list Ronald Fuchs.



Robert Fuchs CD - Compositions for cello and pianoRobert Fuchs CD — A series of sonatas and songs of the less­er known Aus­tri­an com­pos­er, inter­pret­ed with cel­list Ronald Fuchs.



Mas­ter The­sis: A Musi­cal Inter­pre­ta­tion of Ice­landic Lyric Poet­ry Set to Music with­in the Frame­work of Otto Steinbauer’s “Klan­grei­hen” Com­po­si­tion­al Method.