Mosaïque – concerts with a twist

Mosaïque is an innovative concert series created by pianists Deirdre Brenner and Chanda VanderHart in 2013. Concerts take place at BRICK-5, a beautiful, lofted space that was originally a pea-shucking factory in Vienna’s 15th district.

Each Mosaïque concert combines classical art song with at least one additional artistic element such as dance, chamber music, folk music, jazz, declamation, visual art, or fashion. This cross-pollination of artistic forms and genres allows international performers to explore new ideas, repertoire and relationships while bridging stylistic divides.

The fusion of song with other art forms in an alternative setting appeals to an exceptionally broad audience. The relaxed atmosphere of the venue lends itself to a certain intimacy between artist and audience, where performers often share personal insights about their music and art. To further heighten their allure, each concert revolves around a unique theme, and many contain elements of surprise and humor.

Threesomes, Foursomes & Moresomes

Jerica Steklasa, Soprano – Verena Gunz, Mezzo-soprano – Martin Mairinger, Tenor – Bryan Benner, Baritone – Rusanda Panfili, Violin – Gabriel Hopfmüller, Cello – Chanda VanderHart, Piano – Raphael von Bargen, Actor – Trio Lepschi


Çigdem Soyarslan, Soprano – Samuel Colombet, Dancer – Chanda VanderHart, Piano – Mahan Mirarab, Guitar – Alper Yakin, Guitar – Iordanis Foutsitzoglou, Oud – Hadi Nabavi, Clarinet – Habib Samandi, Percussion – Cansu Kaykaç, Illustrator – Emil Raoul Kohlmayr, Storyteller

América del Sur

Cristina Pasaroiu, Soprano – Celia Sotomayor, Mezzo – Heike Schuch, Cello – Ronen Nissan, Guitar – Antoinette Van Zabner, Piano – Chanda VanderHart, Piano – Vienna Tango Quintet featuring Paula Barenbuem


Christina Parson, Soprano – Sara Jacobi, Soprano – Günter Haumer, Baritone – Sonja Schebeck, Violin & Fire – Deirdre Brenner, Piano – Chanda VanderHart, Piano

Bryan Benner, Ringmaster – Thomas Toppler, Clown – Fausto Tenorio, Hand Balancer – Martina Aichhorn, Aerialist – Friederike Ebinger, Aerialist – Mika Nagl, Aerialist – Marina Petkov, Dancer – Nele Neugebauer, Dancer – Michael Postmann, Dancer

Light, Love & Fashion

Julia Koci, Soprano – Eric Stokloßa, Tenor – Rusanda Panfili, Violin – Chanda VanderHart, Piano – Tiberius, Fashion

L’Invitation au Voyage

Jolene McCleland, Mezzo – Klemens Sander, Baritone – Ulrike Anton, Flute – Jan Ryska, Cello – Deirdre Brenner, Piano – Chanda VanderHart, Piano – Joey Davis, Exhibit [ Galerie artmoments ]

Love, Loss & Longing

Magdalena Anna Hofmann, Soprano – Huub Claessens, Baritone / Saxophone – Thomas Stempkowski, Bass – Deirdre Brenner, Piano – Chanda VanderHart, Piano

Volkslieder | Folk Music

Frederikke Kampmann, Soprano – Bryan Benner, Baritone – Louisse Chisson, Violin – Mara Kronick, Cello – Chanda VanderHart, Piano – The Erlkings, Band

Winter Wonderland

Jennifer Davison, Soprano – Juliette de Banes Gardonne, Mezzo – Benjamin Marquise Gilmore, Violin / Viola – Deirdre Brenner, Piano – Chanda VanderHart, Piano – Performing Center Austria Choir


Rebecca Nelson, Soprano – Markus Werba, Baritone – Deirdre Brenner, Piano – Chanda VanderHart, Piano – Sven Kaschte, Actor

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Für den Fall, dass ihr unser erstes Konzert verpasst habt:
Keine Sorge - von uns kommt noch viel mehr 😉

Reserviert Euch den 7.November für MOSAÏQUE und "Día de los muertos"
Im #brick5
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We had a magnificent time celebrating Cathy Berberian and ringing in our 5th spectacular season last night! Thanks very much to our fabulous audience, to our wonderful arrangers, to Rebecca Greenstein for the baller styling, and to our wonderful cast of musicians: Monika Ballwein, Meredith Nicollai - Vocalist, Lena Fankhauser Campregher, Anne Harvey-Nagl, Annette Mittendorfer, Othmar Müller and Christof Unterberger. Thank you as well to Andrej Grilc for these photos! #avantgarde #beatles #innovativeconcerts #classicalwithatwist #mosaiquewien @mosaiquewien ... See MoreSee Less

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Brick-5 looks amazing, all ready for #concertforcathy tonight with @vocaltotal_monikaballwein @chandavanderhart @withmeowntwohands @lena_fankhauser Annette Mittendorfer and more! #concert #beatles #pop #classical #avantgarde #followus ... See MoreSee Less

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Ermagerd, just two days till Mosaïque: "Concert for Cathy"! One of our fabulous musicians is Anne Harvey-Nagl. Between a busy schedule of leading the Volksoper orchestra, championing chamber music and giving modern music premieres, she will be performing Villa Lobos, Beatles and more with us on Tuesday! Quick, book your tickets before she changes her mind! ... See MoreSee Less

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The amazing Meredith Nicollai - Vocalist is back in town to sing, chirp and parody in our concert for Cathy on Tuesday! This is her third Mosaique performance so one more and she gets a free six inch sub 🙂 Info and tickets: ... See MoreSee Less

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Chanda VanderHart – pianist, chamber musician, art song accompanist, vocal coach.

In 2015, Chanda celebrates 15 years living in Vienna, Austria, the music capital of Europe where she has been acquiring a solid musical education, worked with world-class musicians and singers and developed exciting music related projects.


There's nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.

Johann Sebastian Bach

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